Rosé of Merlot 2015 Le Flirt

Rosé of Merlot 2015 Le Flirt

“Le Flirt” is a bright, fresh rosé made from Merlot grapes grown in the coolest area of our vineyard. Pressed after short contact with the skins and fermented at very cool temperatures, this wine has luscious flavors of freshly picked cherries and wild strawberries.


About this wine

Pairs well with tomatoes, watermelon, lobster, seared salmon, tuna or duck and pasta with fresh puttanesca sauce.

Wine profile

Wine Type
Estate Rosé
100% Merlot
Estate - Dry Creek Valley
0.52 g/100ml

Vineyard Notes

The Merlot grapes used to make this wine were harvested from the coolest part of our vineyard near Wine Creek.

Harvest:        September 2nd, 2015

Production Notes

Fermentation:  The grapes were put into a press and allowed to sit on skins for 5 hours to extract just the brightest fruit flavors, and then gently pressed.  The juice was racked into stainless tank and fermented at a very cool temperature to retain fresh fruit flavors.

Cooperage / Aging:  The wine was aged for 3 months in stainless steel tank.

Bottling Date:  Dec 22, 2015

Winemaker Notes

Color:  pale strawberry color

Aromas:  wild strawberries, fresh cherries

Palate:  bright acidity, fresh strawberry and cherry flavors


244 Cases